Callin’ in Snoloha. No, I’m not stealing one of my favorite Boat Drunks songs “Callin’ in Gone” (written by Snoloha friend Jim Hoehn).  I’m sharing this great drawing from a Snoloha customer that he posted over on Facebook with the note:

“Your contest idea made me want to call in Snoloha today…I think this is what it would look like. (if it was winter…and a child drew it)”

I dig that…”Call in Snoloha”, in order to go and enjoy a little Snoloha.

And what’s this contest he’s referring too?  Well, I’m working on it.  But it involves winning a free Snoloha t-shirt a month for one year.  I don’t know if anyone really needs 12 new t-shirts, so there may need to be some flexibility in the rules and regulations.  And you know me…I’m a big stickler when it comes to rules and regulations (I don’t know if I’ve ever created any for Snoloha…at least that I followed).

In addition to the t-shirt a month contest…stand by to learn more about ‘Sun-Dried Snoloha’.  I’m excited about this…of course it may flop, but I don’t care because I can’t get it out of my head so I have to give it a try.



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