Find Your Tree House Peace of Mind

For any of you regular readers, you know that I’ve written numerous times about one of my favorite ‘Trop Rock’ musicians, Jim Hoehn.

Today, I’m doing a little ‘cross-blog promo’ because over on the Unsalted Sailing website is a post about Jim sporting a “Save the Salt for the Margarita” t-shirt, and since it has an ‘escapism’ element to it, I thought it was appropriate for the Snoloha Barefoot & Exposed Blog.

While thinking about the post, I couldn’t decide on which lyrics to share…which is what I really enjoy about Jim’s music. Then I got to thinking about the 2 radio interviews I had this morning for Unsalted Sailing. During one, I was asked what it was about sailing that I liked. I wasn’t expecting that question…I thought we’d be discussing just the events. My answer was ‘the quiet’. Yes, it sounded a bit awkward. I went on to talk about leaving the mainland behind – the traffic, the worries, the stress. Just you, the wind, and ‘the quiet’. For me, that’s escapism. That’s what I love about sailing.

So thinking about Jim’s music and this feeling ‘escapism’ made me go back to his song “Tree House Peace of Mind”

I remember one-speed bikes, skipping rocks and climbing trees
Sandlot baseball, lemonade, a couple of skinned-up knees
But the reverie of the memory ends when someone pages me
And I think back to the time when stair by wooden stair I’d climb
Up, up, up until I’d find, a tree house peace of mind

I like that. The simple pleasure of being a kid again. No real stress, except maybe finding enough neighborhood kids to play a game of baseball, or being called inside for dinner, or trying to get one last game of 3-on-3 in before it’s just too dark to see the basketball hoop anymore.

And that’s what sailing can do – make you slow down. Smile. Think about the things that really matter in life. And at least temporarily, forget about bills, schedules, iPads, social-networking, work…you name it, then forget about it.

Get out and sail. Find that Tree House Peace of Mind.

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