For any of you regular readers, you know that I’ve written numerous times about one of my favorite ‘Trop Rock’ musicians, Jim Hoehn.

Today, I’m doing a little ‘cross-blog promo’ because over on the Unsalted Sailing website is a post about Jim sporting a “Save the Salt for the Margarita” t-shirt, and since it has an ‘escapism’ element to it, I thought it was appropriate for the Snoloha Barefoot & Exposed Blog.

While thinking about the post, I couldn’t decide on which lyrics to share…which is what I really enjoy about Jim’s music. Then I got to thinking about the 2 radio interviews I had this morning for Unsalted Sailing. During one, I was asked what it was about sailing that I liked. I wasn’t expecting that question…I thought we’d be discussing just the events. My answer was ‘the quiet’. Yes, it sounded a bit awkward. I went on to talk about leaving the mainland behind – the traffic, the worries, the stress. Just you, the wind, and ‘the quiet’. For me, that’s escapism. That’s what I love about sailing.

So thinking about Jim’s music and this feeling ‘escapism’ made me go back to his song “Tree House Peace of Mind”

I remember one-speed bikes, skipping rocks and climbing trees
Sandlot baseball, lemonade, a couple of skinned-up knees
But the reverie of the memory ends when someone pages me
And I think back to the time when stair by wooden stair I’d climb
Up, up, up until I’d find, a tree house peace of mind

I like that. The simple pleasure of being a kid again. No real stress, except maybe finding enough neighborhood kids to play a game of baseball, or being called inside for dinner, or trying to get one last game of 3-on-3 in before it’s just too dark to see the basketball hoop anymore.

And that’s what sailing can do – make you slow down. Smile. Think about the things that really matter in life. And at least temporarily, forget about bills, schedules, iPads, social-networking, work…you name it, then forget about it.

Get out and sail. Find that Tree House Peace of Mind.



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