I had a customer once send me a note that said “We always believed in the Snoloha concept we just didn’t know what it was called until we found Snoloha.”

I like that.

I love hearing the feedback and how people connect and relate to the brand.  And of course I love seeing the photos.  But tonight, at 10:30 pm, as I’m listening to a little Howard Stern on Sirius and working on orders, I really got a kick out of looking at the addresses and where these Snoloha customers are from – Michigan, Florida, New Jersey, Washington, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Maryland make up the current ‘ship-to’ list.  And if I look back at previous orders, thers’ really no rhyme or reason as to location – from Hawaii to Texas and Maine to Colorado, Snoloha customers are scattered all over the place, and I know from experience that each of them connect in their own special way to the brand.

I dig it.

Oh, and another cool article to check out “Chillin Like Chesney” from Men’s Health.  I love the line “He works hard, so you can relax.”

And – “But all the sun-kissed lyrics obscure a tireless work ethic. It takes a huge effort to make millions chill out. Chesney may conjure up palm trees and sand dunes in some of America’s most spacious sports cathedrals, but he doesn’t do it by lying in a hammock, sliding his hat over his face, and waiting for the magic to happen. “It is a big misconception that all I do is sing and write songs and sit on the beach,” Chesney says. “It’s really not true.”

It’s true…when Chesney says it’s really not true.  Creating an escapism brand, whether it’s Kenny Chesney, Jimmy Buffett, Corona or this smaller one called Snoloha…takes a TON of work, including late nights after the wife and little one hit the sack.

Working hard so you can relax….somewhere between the islands and the arctic.

Thanks for the continued support and business.



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