Oh…OK, no problem, you can handle the truth.

Truth is…I’ve been busy.  We are really trying to promote this Trop Rock / Wounded Warrior Project promo.  It’s a great cause, and one of my favorite t-shirt designs and music genres.  Thanks again Jimmy Pirate over at The Shore Radio along with the good folks at Trop Starz & Tiki Barz for including Snoloha.  It’s crazy how much time goes into just getting the website setup for one single promo…then throw on top of that an email campaign and social media and there’s a lot to do.

It’s also retailer fulfillment time.  There are a bunch of shirts sitting in my office / warehouse that need tending to.  I’ve not been hitting the retailer scene as hard as I have in the past.   I’ve really tried scaling back and being a bit more selective with which types of stores carry Snoloha, and I’ve put more time and effort into the website.  If you really want to know my thoughts on this…read this post from Seth Godin.

Now that the Spring Ts are in and all the pre-orders are fulfilled (with GREAT feedback)…I can now turn my attention to a few new ‘ideas’ that have been bouncing around my head for some time.  One really needs some time and attention to detail, and the other…well could just be a crazy idea.  But it came to my while on the beach at Bolongo Bay last November…so I’ve gotta give it a try.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed…but I’ve been actively social-networking it up and I haven’t done much complaining about it!  I’m not sure if I’ve finally fully accepted it, or if I’ve just become numb to it…or perhaps those are the same thing.

And then there is this…

As you know (or maybe you don’t), Snoloha and Bay Breeze are collaborating on a little project called Unsalted Sailing.  This is an effort to promote and highlight sailing the Great Lakes through a series of events, merchandise and internet presence.

This little project is becoming a big project…but in a good way.

  • There are 4 events planned throughout Grand Traverse Bay, Lake Michigan and The Straits.
  • A full on PR campaign
  • A Great Lakes based Sales Rep to sell merchandise to retailers
  • A collaboration with a Great Lakes based Trop Rock musician
  • A collaboration with the Great Lakes Potato Chip Co.
  • Catalog Design
  • E-commerce functionality
  • A full on sponsorship campaign
  • Boat Show
  • Social Media
  • Product and Graphic design
  • Ambassador program for all 5 Great Lakes

I’m pretty sure this list keeps going, but I’m going to stop now since I’m already feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Yup, add to this a 23′ Hunter sailboat sitting in the driveway that needs bottom paint and the daily duties of being a daddy and husband…and yea, it’s a little busy.

Nope…I’m not complaining.  Just rationalizing why it makes sense that I take advantage of a little Living on Snoloha Time myself soon.  Ya know…there’ still no t-shirt with that saying on it.  Maybe I should fix that!

Thanks for listening.  I feel better.

If you read this far…you deserve something.  So…for your next purchase, all you gotta do is in the “Order Notes” box during checkout, type “Rod is SO cool”  or “Rod is SO awesome” or “Rod is SO (insert whatever you want here, keeping my fragile feelings in mind) and you’ll get a sweet Snoloha SnoFlake Palm Tree sticker and a Snoloha koozie free with your order.



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