Seattle Dave has been a longtime Snoloha fan, customer and supporter.  He recently submitted this entry to share on the Barefoot & Exposed blog.  If you’d like to contribute to the blog, I’d love to have you.

This morning, as I watched the “Today” show, Al Roker really pissed me off. As the weather map of the USA popped on the screen, he was a little bit too delighted by the “unseasonably” warm temperature across 99% of the country. The remaining 1% I happen to live in and as I squint my eyes to see through the blowing sleet while wrapped up in a parka, I really think this state sucks. I live in Washington, and though we get a sometimes deserved bad rap about our weather, it is usually not too bad. This week is the worst for me. I don’t like the cold…really anytime, but combined with thick rain and wind that pierces to the bone, I really hate it.

My response to these desperate times is Snoloha and Jimmy Buffet. I have a “break glass in case of emergency” kit for these occasions. I busted some glass today. I am currently wearing my beaten and faded blue Snoloha hoodie as Jimmy Buffet sings of sand, warm water and boat drinks. My “kit” has received some substantial use over the years. And I am so happy that Snoloha was invented to recognize the need to escape and feel warm and calm and to strip down life to its bare essentials. It saves me.

Snoloha represents a certain wanderlustful dream of simpler times. It is always good and always warms up the pieces of me that need some sunshine. It serves places that often get overlooked in my busyness of busy. It is peace and it is joy and it is soft in a life of much hardness. It represents the best things about a life. It is a reminder that my feet will feel warm sand and that my shoulders will get sunburned again. These things are easy to forget when faced with 36 degree rain.

For these reasons, I will keep my “kit” handy and know that I can hit the beach, if only in my mind, for a few minutes and retrieve the parts of my soul that would be lost if not for this thread-bare and beautiful Snoloha sweatshirt.

Sounds like Seattle Dave needs a new hoodie.


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