I don’t make these emails up…I’m not that clever:

I don’t profess to be a religious person, more spiritual.  I don’t believe in coincidences.  There is a reason that your company was revealed at the moment I needed it.  You have come up with a concept that appeals to the public these days.  Advancements in technology have left us with less time to enjoy our day.  We are constantly stimulated and unable to escape for more than a minute, but we can appreciate the concept of relaxing somewhere between the islands and the arctic.

Your concept appeals to the latest bread of workaholics’ who fantasize about the lifestyle you have created.  Snoloha by itself, is another brand (e.g  Quicksilver, Billabong etc.), except it stands apart because of the story behind it. It stands apart because its a way of life.  Those other vendors have made millions selling appealing surf clothing.  You’ve created a culture.  That is what sold me.


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