I had these hoodies made for the Traverse City Parrot Head Club’s annual ‘Wastin’ Away on Grand Traverse Bay’ Beach Bash this past summer. I have two size LARGEs sitting on a shelf, staring at me, saying ‘do something with us already, this shelf is getting uncomfortable’.

So I thought I’d give ’em away.

Here’s how you can win:

Post a photo to the Snoloha Facebook page (or email ’em to me).

What kind of photo?

It has to be a “Snoloha style Christmas” photo.  Anything that combines the snow, tropics and holidays.  If you’re in the tropics and have a palm tree with lights, send that.  If you are lucky enough to have snow on the ground, along with something tropical decorating the lawn, send that.  Maybe it’s a Surfin’ Santa ornament.  Perhaps you’ve got one of those Flip Flop Stockings, then send that.  Could be those mini Corona bottle tiki lights used to decorate a tree., that works.  We have 2 funky wreathes in our house that would qualify…one made of flip flops and one made of shells.  You get the idea, don’t you?  Be creative.

Photo submissions will be accepted through the end of the week.

What do you win?

A LARGE ‘Wastin Away’ Snoloha hoodie.  100% pre-washed and pigment-dyed cotton.

These are not available to purchase, which makes them a limited-edition, highly sought-after, highly collectible item.  You will probably be able to sell them on eBay and retire early.

I wonder how long until I hear from Buffett’s attorney’s for using “Wastin’ Away”? Though a quick Trademark search reveals those two words alone are not trademarked. Bummer, I was hoping to get his attention…somehow.



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