As a clothing purveyor (I’m not sure it that’s the proper use of ‘purveyor’, but I don’t care. I like how that word sounds)…as I was saying. As a clothing purveyor, you end up with all kinds of random pieces of clothing by the end of the year. And this year is no different. I’ve got some great products sitting here that are a mix of samples, castaways and the last size of certain designs. They are not doing me any good sitting on the shelves, so let’s donate them to someone who could use a new piece of clothing.

Here’s the deal:

In addition to the 25% off sale (use the coupon code ‘JollyMon’ during checkout) I will also include a brand spankin’ new Snoloha shirt for you to donate to someone in need this holiday season. It will be a random size and a random design, so you will have to use your best judgment on how to donate it. It could be someone you know who’s down on their luck, a local church or non-profit, or perhaps a family you’ve adopted for Christmas. Just don’t re-gift it to someone at the office party, or to that relative on your in-laws side you don’t really know, but whose name you drew for the family gift exchange.

How will I know that you actually donated it? I won’t. But karma will…so will Santa.

Please feel free to spread the love and tell on your family and friends.



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