How about 25% off ALL Snoloha ALL month long?!

All you gotta do is use the promo code ‘JollyMon’ during checkout.

Shipping is a simple $5 flat rate, so it’s easier to swallow than a $5 foot long from Subway.

In addition to the 25% off sale (use the coupon code ‘JollyMon’ during checkout) I will also include a brand spankin’ new Snoloha shirt for you to donate to someone in need this holiday season. It will be a random size and a random design, so you will have to use your best judgment on how to donate it. It could be someone you know who’s down on their luck, a local church or non-profit, or perhaps a family you’ve adopted for Christmas. Just don’t re-gift it to someone at the office party, or to that relative on your in-laws side you don’t really know, but whose name you drew for the family gift exchange.

How will I know that you actually donated it? I won’t. But karma will…so will Santa.

Yes, ‘Tis the the season…for Painkillers in a Snoloha coozie on a beach in the Caribbean.



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