In the global world of brands, Snoloha is still just a tiny speck of dust (though it IS global). I’ve never made it any secret that Snoloha is still a small brand that I’ve been working tirelessly at growing through a grassroots and organic approach. Of course most of that is due to not having personal deep pockets, venture capital or angel investors. It’s both a blessing and a curse. It is what it is.

So when I see the latest Corona commercial I have mixed feelings. I LOVE the commercial, but it drives me crazy that I don’t have that kind of budget to create EXACTLY what Snoloha represents. It feels like someone beat me to it.

On the other hand, though, it’s extremely validating. To see a powerhouse brand like Corona produce a 30 second commercial depicting the Snoloha concept confirms to me that this crazy idea for a brand might not be that crazy after all.

The other thing that drives me crazy about their whole “Find your beach” campaign…be it a mountain side cabin, the golf course, backyard bbq or an actual beach…is that for the longest time now the campaign that I’ve been wanting to launch (long before Corona launched this one) is the Snoloha “Where’s your somewhere?” campaign, as in your “Somewhere between the islands and the arctic”. Again, feels like they beat me to the punch. I think someone working for their ad agency must be a Snoloha fan or something.

I hate Corona…but I love Corona.

If you’ve not yet seen it…here you go, it’s pretty sweet.



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