As you know, there’s a new and improved Snoloha website in the works…and it’s almost done. We are planning on launching the new homepage and blog late next week. The store will be the following week. The new design looks great, and I can’t wait to unveil it.

I know there are some of you patiently waiting to buy some new Snoloha gear, so thank you for the continued patience. However, if you just can’t wait…send me a note and we can get your gear to you before the new site launches. In fact, I recently received an email with this title “We need Snoloha now more than ever!!!!!” It was from Seattle Dave. He can’t wait for the new site and sent a personal note with his order (Thanks again, Dave!).

So even though the new site is not live yet, we can still do business online.

While going through the design process with my ‘web guy’, we came up with some really great ideas for the site during our pizza meetings. Though the site is an e-commerce platform, this “Barefoot & Exposed” blog is probably the most important element of Snoloha’s online presence (for a number of reasons, but I won’t bother you with them now). So we wanted to be sure to highlight the blog on the new site, which will now include the most recent posts on the homepage. But we decided it needed something ‘more’…hence the classic blue State of Michigan license plate, rusty and weathered, of course. The final touches to how this will be included into the design is even cooler…but we’ll save that for next week.




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