Don’t forget about the ‘Create a Snoloha Scene’ contest:

Normally when I run a contest it has to do with painting a Snoloha picture with words. But this time, I’m taking it a step further and really making you work for a pretty cool Snoloha prize pack. This time…it’s painting a picture visually, perhaps with paint even.

If you’d like a chance to win a Snoloha Temperature Regulating Device, various Beverage Holders, along with a Chilly Air Temperature Preventer with a built in Cranium Cover…then read on (translation: ‘a Snoloha cooler, coozies, pint glass, travel mug, water bottle, coffee cup, margarita glass and a hooded sweatshirt.)

It’s a Snoloha Creative Contest.

The Prize
  • Snoloha Cooler
  • Four Coozies
  • Pint Glass
  • Travel Mug
  • Water Bottle
  • Coffee Cup
  • Margarita Glass
  • Hooded Sweatshirt
Rules. Regulations. Legal Mumbo Jumbo.

Choose your medium. Paint, Photoshop, crayon, ink, photography, illustration, 3D, clay, video, Edward Scissorhands style shrubs…anything goes, it’s a “Creative Contest”.

The subject, of course, is Snoloha. So Think snow vs sand; beach vs mountain; hot vs cold; snowboard vs surf board; beach bum vs ski bum…you get the idea. Now mix ’em all up together into a melting pot of lifestyles, activities and climates…and voilà! You have Snoloha!

It must be original. No rip-offs. No cheating. No stealing. Honesty, people, is the best policy…or something like that.

By submitting your entry you are agreeing to allow Snoloha full use of the image in any and all marketing and promotions related to Snoloha…even if it’s not the winner. If you do not want your creation used or shared…then I’d refrain from entering. Wow! That was a harsh two sentences. My apologies, but legal mumbo jumbo sucks.

Deadline to enter is October 9th. Why October 9th? Why not.

Winner selection. Yet to be determined on the process. Let’s see what kind of response this generates. If there are two entries, I’ll choose. If there are 20…maybe a vote of some sort. Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it…yes, that’s the beauty of being the owner, making up the rules as you go.

Entries and Questions. Email ’em to me –

Here’s a cool Photoshop image that Aaron created and sent me (I dig the ‘Snoloha’ spelled out in the clouds…nice touch).



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  1. That’s some cool photoshopping – great picture. I had a couple lame ideas that didn’t really work. Great contest idea!

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