I was recently taking a Saturday morning coffee stroll through the marina with Savannah, and I ran into Zach and Anne…friends and Snoloha customers. Loyal Snoloha customers.

They were provisioning for their boat, and of course they were sporting their Snoloha hoodies.

They both work hard all week, but come the weekend…you can find them ‘Living on Snoloha Time’ aboard their Egg Harbor, whether it’s simply enjoying the marina life, or at anchor off of Power Island.

As we were walking away, I have to say I enjoyed seeing Snoloha in action. It was nice to know that while they are living their passion on the weekend, their Snoloha gear is along for the ride. As great as the internet is in allowing the brand to be exposed to people around the globe, and as a communication tool for me…it can never replace the real life encounters with people and how they enjoy life ‘somewhere between the islands and the arctic’.

The reality is, since I sell Snoloha through the website and through other retailers, I really don’t get the opportunity for much face-to-face time with customers. Facebook and Twitter and whatever other social networking annoyance comes along next can never replace personalization. Sure, it has it’s place and I appreciate that it allows me some level of connection with customers, but it’s just not the same.

THANKS Zach & Anne, for the business, the support and the photos! And for the personal reminder of how people connect with Snoloha.



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