“Wastin’ away again in InternetVille, searching for my lost website of Snoloha. Some people claim that there’s a server to blame, but I know…it’s not my fault.”

It sounds much better when you hear me sing it while fumbling through “Margaritaville” on this old guitar that I traded a pair of skis for.

As I was wastin’ away in InternetVille, I visited Snoloha.com and was welcomed by a big, ugly error screen that might as well have been in Chinese because I didn’t understand a thing it said. THE INTERWEB WAS BROKEN!

OK…so only Snoloha.com was having issues.

If you care to hear the whole story, it goes something like this:

In late 2006 Snoloha.com took the internet by storm…which involved all my friends and family checking it out.

Just over two years later, we were forced into a shopping cart upgrade. From that point on, I’ve basically tweaked and changed the design on my own, much to the chagrin of my ‘web guy’, though at times I do think I impressed him with my “HTML for Dummies” skills and my template hacking bravado.

Well, we have recently started working on a completely new Snoloha website, with a new look, new layout and updated shopping cart. The wire-frames are already approved and we are onto the design stage.

And then…this error screen appears.

After discussing with my ‘web guy’ what had happened, I made the decision to have him use his time to focus on the new website rather than getting the old one back online. It’s one of those difficult decisions that only a fearless and confident CEO can make, er, uh, or a pretty normal dude with a decent level of common sense and rational thinking.

So…for the next week or so, the Snoloha Barefoot & Exposed Blog will be available (hopefully beginning later today) but the rest of the site is taking an offline vacation, and boy am I jealous. I was tempted to take an offline vacation as well…but in 8 short weeks I’ll be on a catamaran sailing the British Virgin Islands, so I can stick it out.

The website, however, needed a break (it became obvious when it flipped me the middle finger while boarding the plane headed…somewhere). Once it returns from vacation, it will be recharged, re-energized, with a new look and an increase in productivity…or extremely bitter, not ready to go back to work, daydreaming about how to make that vacation become an everyday reality and in absolutely no mood to make a pot of coffee and deal with the realities of everyday life.

In the meantime, I’ll be hard at work on 2012 designs, retail additions, licensing opportunities, a new catalog, and putting together a new program I’m excited about.

Don’t forget about the “Create a Snoloha Scene” contest.

If you need anything…Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email or just yell really, really loud and maybe I’ll hear you.



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