It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a Snoloha International update…so here we go.

Things are moving along ‘across the pond’. My licensee in Spain, Oliver from Makani Lanakila S.L, and I are on the same page with Snoloha’s growth. What I mean by that is we both realize that building a new brand is a long road and requires a TON of patience and hard work.

Of course the economic climate is not helping our efforts. The unemployment rate in Spain was 20.89% in the second quarter of 2011. So yea…it makes things a bit more difficult. However we are managing to open retailers and grow the brand, including our newest location, Wind Sports, located in Almuñecar (Granada).

In addition to our growth in Spain, we are working with John & Eva, from Custom Fashion Streetwear, our distributors in Germany. They are selling Snoloha online and in their store located in Nürnberg.

The newest addition to the Snoloha family is Marit from Fashion Creations, located in Prague. Marit will be selling Snoloha online and in-store as well.

There are also some things happening with another distributor in Europe, but I’m not sure as to the current status. I’ll know more after a phone call next week with Oliver from Makani Lanakila S.L.

Lastly, it only seems appropriate to share a photo of the lovely Daniela Kögler modeling Snoloha.

So that’s it, for now. A big THANKS for the continued support from Oliver, John & Eva, and Marit.

Our newest retailer in Spain, ‘Wind Sports’.


The lovely Daniela Kögler modeling Snoloha during a Custom Fashion Streetwear photo shoot.




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