Had to share this note from Snoloha Rob on Facebook:

Dear Snoloha Guy,

I cleaned out my t-shirt drawer today and found that I had 17 Snoloha T-shirts. I thought you would like this. The next closest t-shirt brand was Burton with 3. I ride a K2. Crazier yet is that I only have one PBR shirt. WTF? Anyway, thought I’d let you know that your stuff holds up real nice since most of the shirts are from at least 4 years ago! I finally threw away a few of my sweatshirts. Now I’m down to 2!…..and 3 hats…… and a travel mug……oh yeah…. and a Tiki Bar. Keep up the good work Snoloha guy!


Snoloha Rob

Rob…this one’s for you:



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