I’m working on some 2012 retailer packets, which include samples of the great feedback I’ve received from Snoloha customers and fans. So I thought I’d share one:

Snoloha for me means riding first chair of the morning. Feeling the early morning cold air blowing in your face, the sun starting on what will be a sweet goggle tan by the end of the day, and your mind thinking about all of the stuff you want to do on the hill that day. All the while with school or work not on your mind at all. Be it at a mountain out west, or at your local “trash hill” in southeast Michigan. Snoloha means crackin that PBR and firing up a stogey after the day is done, sitting on the tailgate with your buddy, and rehashing all of the big airs, hard crashes, and interesting people you came across that day on the hill.

Snoloha means sitting in your backyard on a summer day watching your kid do all of the stuff that you used to do. Playing in sand box, swinging on a swing, pushin a toy mower around.

Snoloha is sittin on the beach, soakin up some rays, poundin some Coronas, checkin out the days talent, and thinkin about what kind of trouble you can get into later that night.

Snoloha is cruisin the water in a boat, fishing, water skiing, wake boarding, or tubing. Snoloha is your favorite artist in concert on a warm Friday night. Snoloha is listening to that same artist on your car radio with the windows down, and your foot on the gas.

Best of all is, Snoloha is doing all of these things, blinking, then realizing that you are in class and have totally zoned out for a few moments. Even better is that you are smiling from ear to ear, and wearing a sweet t-shirt with a palm tree and a snow flake on it!

When I go back and revisit this stuff…it helps keep me focused on the brand and how people connect to it. It also gets me thinking about a new line of t-shirts…but I’ll save that idea, for now. It still needs some thought, and tweaking.



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