The other day I wondered if you’d miss Snoloha if it were gone. I had some nice feedback. And it seems that there are indeed folks out there who would miss Snoloha if it were gone.

I received a particularly nice note from a long-time close friend (and customer) and really enjoyed this perspective (note: the reference to a men’s prison is his place of employment…not his residence):

“When life gets difficult, we all need a reset button. Where do we go? Some turn to Jack and Coke (I do sometimes), some turn to working out (not me)…some, turn to “ESC101” (Introduction to Escapism, 101). That is what Sir Rodney’s Blog and the Snoloha brand does for me. It resets, or “refreshes” my attitude or direction as I sip my coffee at a men’s prison from my contraband Snoloha mug (yes, ceramic is frowned upon). No matter how much things suck, others can be responsible for making life suck less for them at times…It’s not about the t-shirts, the blog, the mug, or the hats. It is a reminder of where we would like to be, but can’t at that very minute. And when we are there, it is a “celebration,” Rick James style. “

I like that idea of a ‘Snoloha Reset’ button. I hadn’t thought of it like that. The other night we had a great evening sail aboard the ‘Snoloha’. This is our Wednesday night ritual…it’s a ‘Reset’ button. There are moments during the entire sailing experience that could be considered ‘resets’. For me they are pulling the dinghy into the water, the slow row out to the boat, pulling the sail cover off the main and leaving the mooring ball. With each of those moments comes a different feeling of escape. But the one moment that trumps them all is killing the motor after the sails are set…suddenly, it’s quiet, except for the splashing of the water against the hull. The power of the wind and the feel of the tiller completely wipe away whatever was on my mind back on shore. THAT is the ultimate ‘Snoloha Reset’ button.

I think the important thing is, at least in our neck of the woods due to the changing seasons, is to have multiple ways of hitting that reset button. So in a few months, it becomes that first chairlift ride of the day, or the quiet snowshoe hike as the snow gently falls…moments when the realities of everyday life (bills, work, family drama, reality TV, and social networking nonsense) are completely forgotten about. Then, when you have to come back to it all, it’s with a fresh set of eyes and hopefully a new perspective.

Call it a ‘Snoloha Reset Button’, call it ‘Living on Snoloha Time’, call it “A Snoloha Moment’…call it whatever you want. But hopefully you get the idea…ESCAPISM, in doses, is healthy…I think.

Sunset Sail over West Grand Traverse Bay



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