Back in April I posted a photo of Topeka Tim (which was the nickname I gave him since he’s from…Topeka) and the story of the green Snoloha hoodie that I sent him. Just the other day I get this note and accompanying photo:

Snoloha is like a piece of adventure no matter where you go. The attached pic is of the green hoodie you sent….in Jamaica. Yes, you read that right – a hoodie in Jamaica. No, there wasn’t a freak cold front, or a hurricane rolling in. Actually, I always take a hoodie on flights to act as both a pillow and/or a blanket; and in this case, how could I not take this particular hoodie? After all, it had “been in and out of sample bags, tossed around [your] Jeep with other samples, to a few trade shows and shown to a number of retailers…so it has some battle scars,” so it seemed only appropriate it was in need of some international travel to keep its adventurous stature up to par. Who knows what or where the next journey will be for the green hoodie. I guess the point of all this is Snoloha gear is great because it whether it’s used for its intended purpose or not, it still becomes part of the stories you tell from the adventures.

I hope all is well at Snoloha,

Topeka Tim

Thanks for sharing, Tim.



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