For the Traverse City Parrothead Club’s “Wastin’ Away on Grand Traverse Bay” Beach Bash earlier in June we had printed up a few “Wastin’ Away Somewhere Between the Islands and the Arctic” pullover hoodies, to celebrate Snoloha’s tagline, and to hopefully get the attention of Jimmy Buffett’s legal team.

I’ve got a handful left (lg & xl) that are not on the website yet (if you want to buy one at a discounted rate, shoot me a note and let me know). They are cool. It’s a pigment dyed and pre-washed “Lake Blue” color with “Wastin’ Away” and the the Snoloha / SnoFlake Palm Tree stamp printed on the front and “Somewhere Between the Islands and the Arctic” on the back.

In addition to the pullover hoodies there were a few gals zip hoodies and one guys XL. Well, I did not bring the guys to the event because it’s “weathered”. This was a blank sample piece that has been beaten up and tossed around. It’s bit faded, the hood has some wear to it, and it looks like a small ink stain on a lower pocket. It’s already broken and it’s PERFECT for sailing as the sun goes down, at night on the beach, a chilly fall day, an early morning coffee stroll or just bumming around. I want to keep it for myself…but I have more Snoloha hoodies than I know what to do with and my wife is getting tired of finding them hanging on random fixtures around the house.

So this one I’m giving away to someone who wants and can appreciate it. There are no others like it. I’m sure you’ll be able to sell it on eBay and retire early one day.

So here’s the deal:

Even if you are not a Jimmy Buffett fan, I’m sure you are familiar with his most famous song, “Margaritaville”, which is of course where we all learned to sing “Wastin’ away again in Margaritaville”. Margaritaville, as we know, is not a physical location, rather a mental state of mind reflecting a laid-back lifestyle in a tropical climate….unless you count his restaurants, casinos and hotels…then I guess it is physical, but that’s a different blog post.

You also know, hopefully, that Snoloha reflects an escapism mentality ‘somewhere between the islands and the arctic”.

If the song were to go “Wastin’ away again in Snolohaville”…what does “Snolohaville” look like when you close your eyes and envision it?

Email me with your answer for a chance to win this Wastin’ Away one-of-a-kind zip hoodie. You will be the envy of at least a couple people. You will be able to sell it on eBay for…something. You will be a witness for the prosecution when I appear in court for some sort of trademark infringement (though when searching the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s database there is no registration for Wastin’ Away, so I should be safe).

In case you didn’t click that “Email Me” link, you can click this one for all my contact details.

One-of-a-kink GUYS EXTRA LARGE Wastin’ Away Zip Hoodie. Apologies for the horrible iPhone photo.




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