Unless you name your baby “Snoloha”…I can’t imagine a customer expressing their love & passion for the brand anymore than Kimber has, with her Snoloha tattoo. When she first informed me about it and sent a pic after getting it…I wasn’t sure if it was real or not. Well, it is.

I just received this photo along with the note:

“A good laugh, chilling by my pool, notice the tree frog? He couldn’t resist the Snoloha Tattoo.”

And after responding with a big THANKS and to let her know I’d be using it on the website:

“I kept forgetting to send you an updated picture. Funny thing is I was up in T.C. about 2 months ago and a worker at the hotel said ‘omg you have a Snoloha tattoo’ it was pretty cool to hear someone else’s passion of your brand…kuddos Rod kuddos.”

Yea…this made my day. I never imagined when I first created the “Snoloha” concept that it would have this kind of impact and connection with people. Extremely humbling and exciting. I can’t begin to explain the level of gratitude and appreciation that I have for each Snoloha fan and customer.

Thanks, for the continued support.




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