For those of you who are not quite sure what ‘Licensing’ is…here ya go (from

Licensing is a way to move a brand into new businesses without making a major investment in new manufacturing processes, machinery or facilities. In a well-run licensing program, the property owner maintains control over the brand image and how it’s portrayed, but eventually reaps the benefit in additional revenue (royalties), but also in exposure in new channels.

I’ve decided to commit a substantial amount of time to researching possible opportunities to license Snoloha.

I feel this is really the best way to grow the brand. I’ve said all along that Snoloha is not just a clothing company. I launched it in this category because it’s the world I knew. But ultimately the brand should extend to various categories that complement the Snoloha concept and escapism mentality.

As with many things when it comes to business, I admire what Jimmy Buffett has done with his Margaritivalle brand – clothing, beer, tequila, restaurants, luggage, furniture, footwear, sunglasses, foods and more. He has created a licensing empire. Yes, Margaritaville is a very recognizable & powerful brand that he’s been growing for many, many years. He now has an already built in audience willing to consume ‘all-things-Margaritaville’. I don’t have that…yet. But with more product extensions through licensing comes more exposure for the brand. The category extensions of the Margaritaville brand are very similar to what I envision for Snoloha…along with the “Snoloha Edition” Jeep Wrangler.

A partial list of licensing opportunities:

  • Snoloha Clothing
  • Snoloha Footwear (Snoloha flippy-floppies are a must)
  • Snoloha Spirits (A Snoloha rum just makes too much sense)
  • Snoloha Beer
  • Snoloha Sunglasses (The sun does shine somewhere between the islands and the arctic)
  • Snoloha Coffee
  • Snoloha Swimwear
  • Snoloha Boards (Ski, Snow, Surf)
  • Snoloha Luggage (After all, travel plays a big role in the Snoloha escapism mentality)
  • Snoloha Bar & Grill
  • The “Snoloha Edition” Jeep Wrangler (Move over ‘Sahara Edition’)

There is a fairly large library of original Snoloha artwork already available, some of which are represented on the website and in the retailer catalog…but there are plenty more waiting to be unveiled.

Yes, there are all kinds of ways to extend the Snoloha brand. So if you are a licensing agent, company, friend of Jimmy Buffett (or Jimmy Buffett)…and are interested in Snoloha Licensing opportunities, contact me.




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