Is that a great song title, or what?! I don’t know about you, but it instantly takes me to a different place. You can’t help but smile and escape back to your youth…and as a new dad, it makes hangin’ with my little baby girl even that much more fun & special.

I gotta thank Jim Hoehn for this. I’ve been a fan of Jim’s for a few years now. Jim wrote the great Boat Drunks song “Callin’ in Gone”, and when I blogged about it back in 2007 Jim sent me a package that included two of his CD’s. I’ve since listened to them countless times, and “He’s Away From His Desk” has become one of my favorites.

Jim is on my email list, so he received the recent Unsalted Sailing news. Jim is located in Unsalted Sailing waters, our neighbor ‘across the big lake’, in Wisconsin…and what shows up in my mailbox today? A Jim Hoehn package congratulating me on the new business venture, including a t-shirt, a letter (also sharing how his 3 kids just bought their first sailboat, with their own money, and are learning the ropes) and two more CD’s – his newest, “Royalty Check Hotel” and a copy of “Thongs In The Key Of Life – Volume IV”. This disc is sweet. It includes many of my favorite Trop Rock artists, such at Jim Hoehn, The Boat Drunks, John Reno, Brent Burns, Rob Mehl, Howard Livingston and Kelly McGuire.

The track that first caught my attention from Jim’s new CD was “Tree House Peace of Mind.” This is what I most enjoy about Jim…his lyrics. He’s a great writer. A great storyteller. And this song just ‘fits’ with the Snoloha theme of escapism. Heck, it fits with the feeling you get escaping out on the water, which is why Trop Rock and sailing go hand-in-hand.

“I remember one-speed bikes, skipping rocks and climbing trees
Sandlot baseball, lemonade, a couple of skinned-up knees
But the reverie of the memory ends when someone pages me
And I think back to the time when stair by wooden stair I’d climb
Up, up, up until I’d find, a tree house peace of mind”



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