It’s a very difficult thing, separating myself from Snoloha, ‘The Brand.’ In many ways, and for many reasons…the brand is a refection of who I am. Yes, people connect to it in their own ways that often times are nothing like I would have anticipated…and that’s okay. It’s great actually. It has proven that the brand is more versatile than I thought.

However, as social networking continues to creep it’s way into all aspects of our lives…I’m realizing that it’s becoming even more important that I separate myself from ‘The Brand’.

I’m not a big fan of Facebook and of Twitter, personally. But I understand why it’s important for business. If I wasn’t trying to grow a business, I wouldn’t have an account. I’m just not programmed that way. I enjoy (sometimes too much) anonymity. I love getting lost in the woods or on the water or the ski hill…and I love when nobody (except my wife) knows where I’m at. I rarely remember a camera, and when I do have my stupid cracked screen iPhone I try and use it to take a photo, or listen to music. I’ve never ‘checked in’ and I rack my brain trying to think of a personal ‘status update.’ Posting pics of Savannah is easy, and my family and friends dig it…so I appreciate that aspect of it all.

Unfortunately, I have to get use to the fact that I need to so this stuff for ‘The Brand’ and I have to get over my own personal distaste for it all.

What prompted this rant? The news that Margaritaville is coming to Facebook, the iPhone and the iPad with one of those goofy ‘Farmville’ type games. Reading this actually made me angry. Margaritaville is the ultimate escapism brand. And I don’t believe that escapism goes with Facebook, iPhones & iPads. I’m a big Jimmy Buffett fan…yes of his music, but equally of the brand that he built. At first I thought “Why Jimmy? Why approve of this game with your brand attached to it?” I quickly realized that he’s just being smart. Facebook cannot be ignored and this just gives him more exposure for Margaritaville, The Brand. AND…he’s not the one updating Facebook and Twitter and whatever other social networks are out there. Margaritaville is a billion dollar empire…he has people taking care of all that. So I’ve got a feeling it’s a bit easier for Buffett to separate himself from ‘The Brand’, even though it is a representation of who he is.

So…I have to learn to separate myself from ‘The Brand’. Easier said than done, but I’m gonna try.

I also have to figure out how to grow Snoloha into an empire like Margaritaville…that way I can have people too.



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