“Mistakes, I’ve made a few…but then again too few (uh, no, there’s plenty) to mention.”

I’m not sure if it’s an entrepreneurial thing, but making quick decisions and acting without over-thinking seem to be something that I find myself doing white often. Most of the time, everything works out, but there are times when I probably should have slowed down and thought things through a bit more.

The ‘We Can Build a SnoMon’ promo is something that I really want to continue working on, but I need to put more thought into it…rather than having the idea and posting it on the same day (December 28th)…which really didn’t allow much time for it to spread. There were a couple of great entries (Carla & Kerry…keep an eye on your emails, I’ll be sending you a note about this), but for the most part, although people really liked the concept, it didn’t gain much traction. This year I need to start planning it out much earlier and adding some new elements…so stand by.

The Snoloha fitted hats are SWEET (Stone Vintage Fitted Hat & Chocolate Vintage Fitted Hat). But selling a fitted hat online is…difficult. And these hats tend to run a bit large. I’m a huge fitted hat fan…and I really dig these. But once they are gone, no more fitted hats online…they take way too long to sell.

Finding sales reps is way more difficult than I could have ever anticipated. I’ve been through the ringer with this one. The latest rep I found was great. She opened three new stores within her first week of repping the brand. Then I got the phone call that she’s quitting repping altogether and accepted a job in a completely different field. Bummer. I’ve had reps take samples and catalogs and then vanish…never to be heard from again. I’ve had others say they want to rep, then when I give them all the tools they need…they realize it’s much more difficult than they thought. When I first launched I wanted to have ‘non-traditional’ reps…that didn’t work. So I then pursued more traditional reps…and that’s proving to be as frustrating. So what’s next? I’ve got some ideas…as a result of what I’ve learned.

That’s enough…for now. If I keep going, I probably end up depressing myself.



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