It’s been a very hectic few weeks around the Snoloha house…unexpected home repairs / projects and retail fulfillment. I’m in serious need of some Snoloha escapism…and in a few hours I’ll be shutting it all off in order to be Living on Snoloha Time for the weekend.

We will be Lake Michigan Island Hopping ‘somewhere between the islands and the arctic’ (literally, as our destination lies at 45° 40′ 0″ N), departing out of Northport and sailing to Beaver Island, the largest island in Lake Michigan and part of the Beaver Island archipelago. Once home to a unique American monarchy, the island is now a popular tourist and vacation destination.

The Island lies approximately 32 miles from the city of Charlevoix on the mainland, and can only be reached by air or boat. It bills itself as “America’s Emerald Isle”, partly reflecting the fact that many of its residents are of Irish descent.

We’ve been to the island before, but never to any of the surrounding islands and we hear there are some excellent anchorages to explore.

I am bringing a camera in order to grab some Snoloha photos, and I will try my very best to update Facebook and Twitter…but I can’t make any promises.

I’m not good at the ‘live’ social media updates during trips like these, because I’m more caught up in enjoying the moment than I am trying to remember to update my status…so you can pretty much be certain you won’t see me ‘checking-in’ anywhere. I prefer ‘checking out’ instead.

The Snoloha SAIL T seems to be appropriate for this trip. Tell ya what, order a SAIL t now through Monday and I’ll send along a FREE Snoloha surprise (might be a hat, could be a shirt, maybe a coffee mug…who knows, it’s a surprise!).

Here’s to L.O.S.T.




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