I’m not ignoring the blog and Facebook…and NO, I’ve not been slacking off and Living on Snoloha Time (that comes this weekend, during a Lake Michigan sailing trip). I’ve just been a bit busy.

‘Tis the time of year that I’m fulfilling summer retailer orders. It gets a bit intense because there are a lot of items to organize, tag, fold, inventory, invoice, package and deliver. It’s also always exciting seeing how the product turned out. Snoloha retailers have a different product selection than what the website offers..there is some overlap, but I try to keep it a bit different as to not compete with the retailers. Additionally, many of my retailers that are more ‘resort / tourist’ based take advantage of the Snoloha Name Drop program. This means we add their town’s name to the shirt, which gives it a bit more of a ‘local’ feel when customers are shopping for something to take home with them…to remember their ‘Snoloha moments.’

Here’s a look at a few “When Life Gets Hectic” hoodies that are going to Harbor Wear stores here in northern Michigan. These things are sweet, so if you’re in their neck of the woods this summer, be sure to check ’em out.



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