Yes, there is a ‘Snoloha Bay’, and it’s located here in West Grand Traverse Bay just north of the 45th Parallel (Halfway Between the Equator and the North Pole)…or as I say, “somewhere between the islands and the arctic”. You don’t believe me? This is the description from the Bay Breeze Yacht Charter and Sailing School website:

“Snoloha Bay is a sandy little cove that lies between Omena Bay and Northport Bay. A small, public beach (which the public doesn’t seem to know about!) is to the west and a few summer homes line the bay. It offers a sandy bottom for anchoring, teal green water and a nice beach for walking. The setting is quiet with no shore side amenities making this a great get-away anchorage.”

The truth is, this is a beautiful anchorage that we love…that according to nautical charts, has no name (we’ve looked, closely…numerous times). So we named it, ‘Snoloha Bay’.

Hmmm…I think there might have to be a special edition “Snoloha Bay” t-shirt.




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