The Definition T has been the most consistent and best selling shirt since it’s introduction shortly after Snoloha’s launch.

This was originally written back in 2007 on a napkin at Mackinaw Brewing Company in downtown Traverse City while waiting for a meeting with a friend to go over some of the very first Snoloha designs that were going to print.

I knew very early on that one of my challenges would be getting people to understand two things: How to pronounce ‘Sno-Low-Hah’ & What Snoloha meant, hence the original idea for a “Definition T.

I also knew I wanted to try and get across the ‘feeling’ of the brand through the right words, hence play, travel, vacation, relax, enjoy. Of course, that list can go on and on and on, and in fact has already been expanded with the Definition Series of Ts that include “Escape” and “Sail.”

And finally, of course, is the main tagline of the brand “Somewhere Between the Islands and the Arctic.”

This has always been one of my personal favorites, and I wanted to introduce a new color for Spring and Summer. This is the Caribbean Blue Definition T – unisex 4.5 oz 100% pre-shrunk ring-spun cotton…which means this is a nice and soft t-shirt that either guys or gals can wear. Available in XS – XXL.

“A lifestyle shared by those who live, play, travel, vacation, relax, or simply enjoy life somewhere between the islands and the arctic.”



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