Yesterday was tax day. It turned out better than I had anticipated, but it’s always painful. This time, though, there was a very cool moment for me.

While sitting with our tax lady (yes, Anne, this post is about you and I’ll refer to you as ‘tax lady’ because it just sounds funny). Normally I would not even call out Anne’s name directly to her because why would she even be reading this blog? Turns out she does.

At first I thought it was just the tax lady being nice by saying “I catch up with the blog now and then.” I’m thinking she probably scans it real quick minutes before our meeting. But when she mentioned she had just missed the Margarita Glass promo (which happened well before our meeting was scheduled), I realized she might be serious.

No, that’s not what was so cool.

She went on to say that this weekend she will be L.O.S.T., as she motioned to her calendar where, written in all capital letters, was the word LOST with an exclamation point. She is talking about “Living On Snoloha Time.”


I really got a kick out of seeing for myself how Snoloha touches someone in their own way…and for Anne, an accountant, it’s scheduling L.O.S.T. on her calendar. I have to imagine that accountants during this time of year need some serious escapism, and I’m happy to know that there’s at least one out there who uses Snoloha as part of her escape.

All tax professionals should be L.O.S.T. every now and then…hmmm, perhaps there’s an entire niche marketing program here?!



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