So I’m working with a new sales rep here in Michigan…and she’s been great. We’ve already opened new accounts, which of course is the goal, but what I’m most excited about is the diversity in these retailers.

Since day one I’ve always thought that Snoloha should / could be carried in a mix of different retailers, including coffee shops, travel related shops, tanning salons, ski shops, marinas, resorts, and on and on.

The brand doesn’t necessarily “fit” in any one retail category, which is a result of how people connect with it in their own way (which can be both a good thing and a bad thing, but that’s a discussion for another post).

And that’s really what Snoloha is…it’s a connection, a feeling you get. For some it’s an island escape to the Caribbean, and for others it’s solitude in the Colorado mountains. For some it’s a hot cup of dockside coffee as the sun begins to peek over the horizon while the marina slowly comes to life, and for others it’s an ice cold beer in front of a fire, while your legs remind you that you are growing older (but not up) after a long day of skiing with friends.

These connections and feelings toward the brand don’t have to begin in the same retail environment. I would actually prefer that it be diverse. I was contacted by a tanning salon the other day. They are interested in carrying Snoloha. Perfect! People are in a certain ‘escapism’ state of mind when visiting a tanning salon…and that is the Snoloha state of mind.

Relaxing at a coffee shop. Buying new luggage for the vacation you’ve been planning. Unwinding after a day on the slopes. Feeling good while taking a break from your winnings at the craps table. Getting some color so you don’t burn when your suddenly thrust into the Equatorial climate. You get the picture. It’s called ‘Living on Snoloha Time.” These are times and places where and when Snoloha makes sense.

Shoot me a note if you know of any of these kinds pf places in your neck of the woods that would be a good Snoloha fit.



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