Jimmy Buffett fans = Parrotheads
Grateful Dead = Deadheads
Green Bay Packers = Cheeseheads
Lady Gaga = Little Monsters
Star Trek = Trekkies (I’ve also heard them called 40 year-old virgins, but I think that’s a joke…a pretty funny one.)
John Mellencamp = Mellenheads
Twilight = Twihards
Stephen Colbert = Colbert Nation
“I’m a Mac”

I Googled these. And for the record, I consider myself a Parrothead and I’m definitely a Mac. The Grateful Dead, I like. John Mellencamp is great. The Packers, eh, whatever. Lady Gaga? Yea right. I like Colbert, but I prefer John Stewart. And I can honestly say I’ve never seen an episode of Star Trek, that show interests me about as much as watching paint dry. Same goes for those Twilight movies.

So…you can probably guess the question:

What do we call Snoloha fans and customers?

Send in your ideas!


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