I recently posed this on Facebook asking folks to finish the sentence and wanted to share some of the responses. Oh, and to those of you who responded I’m working on getting your Snoloha beanies out.

Snoloha is…

the lifestyle we all aspire.

contentment whatever the season.

Snoloha makes me smile. When I see, hear, or think of Snoloha it reminds me that I don’t have to wait for the “perfect” time or weather to kick back and relax.

is a mix of where I grew up (snowy New England) and where live now, (sunny St Thomas)…and I love both places.

escapism for the multi-latitud adventure.

what I’ve been searching for my entire life.

escaping reality for a while.

Feedback like that makes a brand owner feel pretty damn good.

If you’d like to participate, finish the sentence “Snoloha is…” (click the link to go to Contact page). I’ve got Snoloha stickers to send ya for your time.



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