Super Bowl commercials…everyone has their opinions and favorites.

For all of us Michiganders, the Chrysler / Eminem commercial was far and away one that stood out best and was most memorable.

I was born in Flint and raised in and around the Flint area, the son of a GM retiree who worked at Flint Truck & Bus. Flint is about a 60 mile drive north along I-75 from Detroit. And like Detroit, Flint, at it’s prime, was a bustling city driven by the auto industry. So Flint, like Detroit, has seen better times. I think there’s a common bond that folks from Flint and Detroit share, that most will not be able to understand.

So it’s easy to understand, not only as a Michigander and a fan of visiting Detroit for a concert, or a ballgame, or Greek Town…but also as a guy from Flint that this particular commercial was the most powerful and memorable of the night.

It was beautifully written and captured the soul of Detroit. It hit people emotionally. It was brilliant, in my opinion.

So what does this have to do with Snoloha? Simple. It’s the strong emotional connection that sticks with people. And that’s exactly what is the most powerful aspect of this brand that I’ve created. It’s not the designs or the product…it’s how it makes you feel. It’s the emails you send me telling me so. It’s knowing that when life gets hectic, Snoloha helps you escape.

Raw emotions are powerful. Beyond the marketing, the actual clothing, the designs, the blog posts, the Facebook updates, the emails and everything else…at the end of the day it’s how you feel that is most important. And if Snoloha, in it’s one small way helps you feel better or more relaxed about your day, then I can’t ask for anything more.

If you didn’t see it…here it is.



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