I’m excited. I’m working with a new sales rep for Michigan, Snoloha’s home state. I’ve also come to realize that it’s way overdue to introduce some “Great Lakes” inspired designs. Not only for my Great Lakes based retailers, but for all of you that live and vacation in the area. After all, it was here in northern Michigan at the 45th Parallel (Halfway Between the Equator and the North Pole) that the Snoloha idea hit me. Yes, these Great Lakes and the accompanying seasons and lifestyles truly are a continued inspiration as I grow Snoloha “somewhere between the islands and the arctic.”

Don’t get me wrong, you will continue to see snow-covered palm trees and designs that incorporate the tropics. But Snoloha is not just “snow in the lower latitudes and warmer year-round climates”. That 45th Parallel line that circles the globe can’t be any further from the tropics in winter, but come summertime you can easily be sailing Lake Michigan or strolling along a beach and not tell the difference from the Caribbean (minus the salt water and palm trees). If you don’t believe me, then you’ve not been fortunate enough to experience it.

Right now though, as I stare out my window, is about 2.5 feet of snow, with temperatures in the single digits. It’s damn cold. The pine trees are covered in snow, so is the tiki bar and the hammock. It is absolutely beautiful out (though a tad colder than I’d prefer).

This is Michigan. This is the Great Lakes. This is life along the 45th Parallel. This is Snoloha.

Here’s two new designs coming out soon:

First up is a pretty straight forward simple tribute to Snoloha’s home…the classic Great Lakes silhouette along with a Michigan License Plate.

Next up “Moonlighting”. Something you probably never see, but is a perfect Snoloha concept….chillin’ in a hammock, strumming a guitar, suspended between two snow-covered pine trees with the northern moon in the distance.


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