New Year. Fresh start. Right?!

I guess so. So what’s in store for Snoloha is 2011, you ask? So maybe you didn’t ask…but I’ll tell you anyway.

Here’s a partial list of things I’ll be working on for 2011:

  • Open new retailers
  • Work with and grow current retailers
  • Increase website performance
  • Introduce new designs
  • Introduce new products
  • SnoMon to have a larger presence
  • Give back, creatively
  • Grow internationally
  • Snoloha store (this is a biggie)

Oh, so you want a more detailed break down of each? Okay.

Open new retailers – Pretty straight forward, but easier said than done. Snoloha is not the easiest brand to sell to a retailer because the concept is quite different than all the other brands out there and there’s no real quick ‘elevator pitch’, as I’ve discussed before. This means the buyer, or store owner, first has to believe in the brand. That then has to extend to the sales staff, who in turn must merchandise and display the brand appropriately. This then needs to lead to the customer walking in the store, seeing the brand, ‘getting it’ and ultimately buying it.

Work with and grow current retailers – Pretty straight forward, again. This means keeping my current retailers happy. Working with them on inventory levels and sell through, POP and marketing materials and introducing new designs.

Increase website performance – This is an ongoing goal that every ecommerce business deals with. To do this I’ll have to introduce new designs and products, continue utilizing social networking sites, blogging, promos and contests and involving customers / fans in the business.

Introduce new designs – Not much explanation needed, is there?

Introduce new products – Ditto.

SnoMon to have a larger presence – SnoMon has made some cameos throughout the young life of the brand. And every time he does, there’s a fair amount of feedback, interest and excitement about him. 2011 will see SnoMon inspired designs and marketing…should be fun.

Give back, creatively – The ‘Buy a T. Donate a T.’ promo was very well received and the ‘We Can Build a SnoMon’ promo seems to be generating some buzz…I have to see if it works. Giving back has been something I’ve been trying to figure out how best to fit into the business since I launched. I’m really enjoying getting customers and fans involved with the brand, which in turn leads to the giving back. I’m not sure yet if this is the answer, but right now it feels right…so we’ll go with it.

Grow internationally – We’ve got pieces in place to grow Snoloha in Spain, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Greece, Sweden and Austria. As I’ve learned, nothing happens as fast as you’d like and it is taking time for the brand to develop ‘across the pond.’ Having the opportunity to work with a licensee and distributors at this stage in the Snoloha’s life is exciting, and I’m confident it will ultimately grow to the level we want it to.

Snoloha store (this is a biggie) – This is a biggie and deserves it’s own post. Stand by…



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