First…What is a SnoMon?

Simple. A snowman with a Snoloha twist:

  • A snowman…sporting Snoloha gear (see Seattle Dave’s Pics below…with his beautiful wife Genie and their SnoMon)
  • A snowman…with a tropical flare (beach hat, sunglasses, Hawaiian shirt, margarita in hand, etc, etc)
  • A snowman…made of sand, for those of you in areas where you don’t get the snow.
Second…What’s next?

Easy. Build your SnoMon.

Third…Then what?

Take a photo and post to the Snoloha Facebook page or email it to me.


And for every SnoMon photo submitted we will donate 5 winter hats to a local non-profit to in turn go to those in need this winter season.

Fifth…That’s nice, but what’s in it for me?

Not only should it make you feel good to know you’ve helped (in our own little way) keep someone warmer, but when you post your photo you are entered to win a Snoloha Swag Bag (hoodie, t-shirt, coffee mug, hat, pint glass, cooler…among whatever else I can throw in. It’ll be a couple hundred bucks worth of Snoloha gear).

Sixth…that’s cool, but how do I win?

As the winter season draws to a close and the snow melts away we will post all the SnoMon pics online and the winner will be voted on by you – the Snoloha customers, fans and followers.

Any questions? Contact me.



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