Christmas. Isn’t that when couples dread visiting the ‘in-laws’?

Not when they live a few minutes from Boyne Highlands Resort and your mother-in-law reminds you to bring your snowboard along.

So yes, after Santa came and Savannah watched in amazement at the wrapping paper she got (she did get presents, but preferred the paper)…I hit the slopes.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy snowboarding with friends…but flying solo is one of my favorites. Just me and some tunes. It’s therapeutic. The first chairlift of the season slowly lifts you and any of your worries away for a few hours.

I literally forget about the things that may be weighing on my mind. I end up thinking about Snoloha and new ideas on how to grow the brand. I think about teaching Savannah how to snowboard. I think about getting the sailboat back in the water. I think about our next trip (11/11/11…that one’s for you R&E) to the British Virgin Islands. I think about how luck I am at that very moment to be doing what I’m doing. I think about all the chairlift conversations we’ve had over the years. I don’t think about anything at times and just sing along.

I’m not there searching for something ‘epic’, or because it gets me ‘stoked’ or to attempt something ‘sick’. In fact, I’m quite sure I don’t even know what I just said. I snowboard because it makes me happy. I enjoy it. It’s fun. Simple adjectives, I guess, to describe it. Not nearly as hip as they could be. But hey, I’m not trying to be hip. I’m not trying to be anything.

And that is Snoloha, to me. To you, perhaps it’s different. And that’s okay. That is the beauty of the brand. We all enjoy life ‘somewhere between the islands and the arctic’ in our own way.

And no, I didn’t Post a photo to Facebook, ‘Check In’ or Tweet anything. Quite frankly I never even thought of doing any of that. I’ve learned that I’m just not built that way. I get caught up in enjoying what I’m doing and am lucky if I can even remember to take a picture. I did have my cracked screeen iPhone with me…for music.

I need to try and get better at the real-time social networking updates. I realize its importance for business. Maybe that will be a New Year’s resolution…and as with most, it will probably fizzle out by Spring.

I did manage to snag one photo while I was adjusting my gloves and staring out over Little Traverse Bay.



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