The “Buy. Give. Free.” special has been very well received. In case you haven’t heard about it…it’s quite simple:

When you purchase $20.00 or more in Snoloha gear, you will receive a FREE Snoloha shirt to GIVE this holiday season.

Give it to someone that could use it…a local church, Salvation Army, someone you know down on their luck, a local holiday non-profit, you get the idea.

It will be a random piece and a random size, but I know you can find a good home for it and put a smile on someone’s face and a clean shirt on their back.

This random left-over inventory is getting thin…and I hope to run out, so please feel free to spread the word and start shopping.

Lastly…if that’s not incentive enough:

SHIPPING IS FREE through December 15th.

Happy shopping. Happy giving.




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