I’ve been really slacking lately at keeping up with this blog. It’s not that I’m ignoring it…I think it’s just a bit of writer’s block. No, I’ve not been out sailing (the boat is on it’s trailer). I’ve just been consumed with behind-the-scenes challenges and the blog has suffered.

Regular readers know that every once in a while I like to go back to earlier blog posts around the same time to see what was happening on this day in Snoloha history.

I decided to go back to 2007, which was Snoloha’s first official year in business. This particular week happened to be a very exciting week as it was when Snoloha was featured on the homepage of MSN. Of all the articles written about the brand, this is still (in my opinion) the best one.

As a result of that article, I have repeat customers, tons of complimentary emails on file about the brand and a licensing deal in Europe. So yea…it was great exposure.

It may seem that going back and recycling blog posts is lazy…well, it kinda is. But for me it’s a very good exercise that keeps me on track and reminds me of important aspects of the brand that I cannot lose sight of. As I’ve said before, it’s easy to suddenly find yourself traveling down a path that casts a wider net in an attempt to appeal to a bigger audience. That’s a dangerous route to take, and I’ve veered that way a couple of times.

“Though Call’s business is based in picturesque Traverse City, a northern Michigan mecca for sailing and skiing, Call cites the rum-soaked, island-loving slacker icon Jimmy Buffett as the guiding light for his business.”

I like that line “Call cites the rum-soaked, island-loving slacker icon Jimmy Buffett as the guiding light for his business”. However, anyone who knows anything about Buffett knows that he’s anything but a slacker. He’s spent his entire career tirelessly touring, writing, recording and building his Margaritaville brand through one of the most fiercely loyal fan bases one could imagine…Parrotheads.

That’s the key…building that base of loyal customers who believe in and connect with your brand. Snoloha has it’s base, and it’s those folks that I’m extremely grateful for and their connection to the brand reminds me to stay on course while growing.

I wonder though…what should Snoloha fans be called?



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