I dig this photo. It’s much different than the others that I receive (and ask for). Normally the photos reflect folks enjoying the Snoloha lifestyle. Here we have Snoloha on the job site. I’ve had reports from people who have spotted Snoloha on other job sites before as well.

I naturally assume that they wear Snoloha on the job as a way to “escape” during the work day every now and then. I could be wrong, but I know from experience that having a small escapes during a long work day can be a big help. For me it was an office job that I dreaded going to each day and the escape was a framed photo of Maho Bay (St John, USVI) that I’d just stare at for a few minutes and go back to that boat in the Virgin Islands (see photo below).

What about you? How do you escape during the workday? Lemme know.

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  1. hey, that’s me! It is funny you mention St. John, I’ve been twice, was married there, and often think of that awesome island while working out in the elements here in TC.
    I wear my Snoloha a lot on jobs, so the other sitings could be me!

    Cory Schwert

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