This past month has been pretty crazy…not only has there been lots happening in the world of Snoloha, but the addition of a baby to our household has really made things a bit more interesting (in a good way).

And since I cannot for the life of me come up with a blog post today, I’m taking the easy route out…posting some Jimmy Buffett lyrics.

I guess this would be a good time to link to the Snoloha Baby onsies…tell ya what, buy a onsie and get FREE shipping. Easy at that! Actually, you have to use the code “snobaby” as the Discount Code during checkout…but it’s still pretty easy.

“Delaney Talks to Statues”
I’ve changed “Delaney” to “Savannah”…this is one of her favorites that she like me to sing to her (awwww…isn’t that special).

“Savannah talks to statues
As she dances ’round the pool
She chases cats through roman ruins
And stomps on big toadstools
She speaks a language all her own
That I cannot discover
But she knows I love her so
When I tuck her ‘neath the covers

Father, daughter
Down by the water
Shells sink, dreams float
Life’s good on our boat

Savannah draws me pictures
She finger paints the sand
We chase the dogs and hop like frogs
Then I do my bad handstand
She’s growing up too fast for me
And asking lots of questions
Some I know the answers to
And some I’m looking for suggestions

Father, daughter
Born by the water
Surf’s up, sun’s down
Life in a beach town”

Again…use “snobaby” and receive FREE shipping when you buy a Snoloha Baby Onsie.


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