I was going through my “Misc Photos” file that stares at me daily on my desktop and happened (I like using that word) across these pics that I thought seemed fitting to post on a beautiful, sunny August day.

A Corona on a chairlift…with a Snoloha sticker of course.

And me and Capt Dave from Bay Breeze Yacht Charters sailing in December on the Snoloha Yacht (it’s only 23′ long, but saying ‘yacht’ makes me feel better)…and of course I’m sporting the Snoloha Sailor Beanie (notice the focus on my face…or maybe it was just frozen. And that hat that Dave is wearing…what’s that all about?)

Why these photos on a day like today? I think they do a perfect job at showcasing the “Snoloha concept”….enjoying and combining all the seasons that Mother Nature throws at us, “somewhere between the islands and the arctic.”

Okay, I showed you mine…now show me yours.




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