Yup…that’s right. This post is all about promoting the design work of Lake Effect Design. Lake Effect is owned by Joe Gabry. Joe is responsible for quite a few of the Snoloha designs you see on the website, that retailers see in the wholesale catalog and that you will continue to see as the brand grows…along with the branding and marketing collateral that we unveiled late last year. So yes, Joe has been an integral component to Snoloha’s growth and branding efforts, and will remain an important role as brand awareness and demand continue to increase organically (how’s that for corporate speak?).

Basically what I’m saying is that Joe is a kick-ass designer and I wanted to take a moment to blatantly promote his new company.

The new website is currently under construction, but you can check ’em out on Facebook as well, facebook.com/LakeEffectDesign.

The Palm Tree Chair Lift design that Joe did has quickly become the best selling and most popular design in the Snoloha lineup.

Guys…get yours here.

Gals..here you go.



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