Of the many things I’ve learned since launching Snoloha, one thing has become very apparent…and that is the sense of escapism that people feel when they think about what Snoloha means to them.

As I’ve talked about before, this escapism brand that I’ve created and work tirelessly at growing, is also the cause of quite a bit of stress at which point a bit of Snoloha escapism is needed…a very interesting and ironic dynamic that I continue to juggle.

This morning while watching a little Today Show I realized (again) why we all need a little escapism now and then. These were the leading stories in the first 15 minutes; a mom in jail convicted of killing her daughter, an actor caught on tape making threats to his girlfriend, a little boy missing for 7 weeks and his step mom is suspected to have a hand in it (plus she may have even contracted someone to kill the little boy’s dad), a struggling economy, a fire in California, more blasts killing people in the Middle East…BUT, the oil leak has stopped (for now).

What a bummer of a way to start a day. I’m re-thinking my Today Show ritual….sorry Matt, Al and Meredeth, I love you guys but the content is just getting to be a bit too depressing of a way to try and enjoy a cup of coffee and look forward to what the lies ahead for the day.

Escapism. We all need it. I think it’s healthy, and as the self proclaimed purvey and explorer of the Snoloha lifestyle, I hereby prescribe it to anyone who feels they need it. Of course, purchasing Snoloha gear is also part of the prescription and recommended therapy (remember, at the end of the day, this is still a retail business and not a self-help website). So g’head…start your therapy today, fill your escapism prescription…shipping is free when you hit $50 or more, and it’s always a low $5.00 flat rate on everything else.



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