Seattle Dave’s “Feel Good Friday” is a regular column featured on The Waterland Blog. I wanted to share his recent post (he sent me an advanced copy, which made me feel pretty important). The column tends to talk about the simple things in life that really matter and Dave does an excellent job with putting his musings in words for all to read, and it becomes obvious why he has such a strong connection and belief in the Snoloha brand and what it stands for.

Here’s the link to the full column.

“This is my favorite smell. It is the smell of my life. It is the smell of my youth and my life today. It reminds me of standing in line for the Scrambler at the Waterland Festival as a kid. It reminds me of early morning and late evening water-ski trips in high school to the sand pits hoping for some flat water. It reminds me of fishing and crabbing and sitting in guest moorage drinking beer in the sun. It reminds me of dog walks and family walks and squiding off the pier. It reminds me crisp autumn mornings mowing Beach Park and warm summer afternoons looking for spider crabs and perch along the pilings when they both excited me more than they do now.”

Here’s Seattle Dave sporting his Snoloha Fleece and SnoFlake Palm Tree hat.



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