How can that be true? Say it isn’t so.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, “Why Relaxing is Hard Work”…it’s true. Of the many disturbing aspects of this article, perhaps the quote that is most bothersome is this one:

“I can sit on a beach for, like, 15 minutes, then it’s ‘OK, what’s next?’ “

That’s a horrifying thought, that one cannot relax on a beach.

The best quote goes like this:

“Regardless of what is happening, I am unplugging that little torture device.”

Those little torture devices. I’m a proponent of shutting ’em down and taking a break from all the email, texting and social networking nonsense once in a while and actually fully enjoying whatever it is you are doing.

The article goes on to describe several tactics to use for those that can’t seem to relax. I noticed they forgot to mention that wearing Snoloha gear contributes to an escapism mentality and makes relaxing a bit easier to handle.

I’m sure if I contact Melinda Beck, the author of the article, she will indeed publish a follow up article that highlights nothing but Snoloha and how it helps people escape from the realities of everyday life now and then. Yep, I”m sure the Wall Street Journal wants to run that piece.



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