I’ve been slacking a bit with my attention to the Blog, Facebook and Twitter. The blog I feel very badly about as this is my favorite communication tool. Facebook, I try. Twitter, is just a weird little world. Does anyone even use Myspace anymore? Emails…eh, I’ll send one out again someday. Maybe I should start a text message campaign, LOL, LMAO, OMG, XYZ, 8675309 and my beeper has not been blowing up for sometime.

Seriously though, there’s been a lot happening behind the scenes that has required my attention.

The exciting news is that I’ve finally landed Snoloha representation for the entire East Coast. This is a very big deal. Some of you regular readers are probably aware that this “rep search” has been challenging…the whole “finding a good rep to take on a new brand” story. After numerous phone calls, 12 sample packages sent to 12 different retailers and taking a good hard look at some of the feedback, we have decided that is does make sense to work together. So, this means working toward the pending “trade show” season that starts at the end of the summer…new catalogs, designs, booth materials, marketing collateral, pricing, etc, etc.

Retail POP is also being redesigned, including new hang tags, more driftwood signs and new in-store signage / support materials.

There are new retailers coming on board for the summer season, including our first Key West dealer, and we are relaunching with Boyne Country Sports, who has been a very supportive retailer of the brand since day one.

Tomorrow I have a Snoloha International phone call scheduled..will update with more on that later.

So…lots happenin’. Now, I guess I should go and Tweet about it.



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