A little insight and a personal look into how my brain ends up working on Snoloha (scary that my brain works, I know)…

Let me start by going on the record that I do not like running, I’m not a good runner and I can’t run very long distances. But I do it. Apparently exercise is good for you.

What I do like about running is just popping in the ear buds and letting the iTunes library play away, the renewed sense of focus it gives me, the stress-relief and a higher energy level. So yea, I guess it is good for you.

Running on a Saturday morning I found myself lost in a mix of Green Day, The Beastie Boys and 311…and I was enjoying it. Then I had one of those ‘moments’ that I tend to have now and then. I was heading along the bay, not paying much attention to anything around me, when the playlist went from a classic Green Day song “Basket Case” to the classic Buffett song that everybody knows “Margaritaville.”

The strumming of that acoustic guitar nearly stopped me in my tracks. I now found myself in a casual walk staring out at the water and suddenly feeling and paying attention to everything around me…the empty beach, the boats in the marina being prepped for the season, those annoying sea gulls and a goose that I thought was going to charge me (yes, it’s a scenic running route). It was truly a moment of enjoyment. No stress. No worries. Escapism through music.

Music is a powerful thing. It is a mood changer. I listened to Margaritaville wondering what was on deck. At this point I really had no interest in more adrenaline charged music while running, I was in the mood to continue the casual walk along the bay…and to my satisfaction Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” followed by Kenny Chesney’s “Nowhere to Go, Nowhere to Be” allowed me to enjoy the moment and meander up the road to mi casa with a sense of happiness and calm.

Of course my little ‘moment’ didn’t stop there. No, it ended in a Snoloha design concept which we are now working on…”Living Life Acoustically.” Yep, I’m excited about this one.

Boats waiting for the Marina to open for the season…



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