The new gear and direction continues to take shape and FINALLY you will begin seeing it on the website for sale as well. There are still SALE items available, so take advantage of the great prices.

Here’s a little breakdown on what the heck is happening with the product selection:


  • ALL the short sleeve Ts are being replaced with a new, softer, lighter weight T. Some of the designs are moving forward, and there are a handful of new designs as well.
  • Hoodies are NOT changing.
  • Long sleeves are all being replaced the same as the short sleeves.


  • Again, ALL short sleeves are being replaced.
  • Hoodies are NOT changing.
  • There are already some of the NEW long sleeves available.


  • I just need to order more! The selection is poor due to nice sell through.


  • No big changes here.


  • The PALM TREE CHAIR LIFT is officially the most popular design in the lineup now. And the NEW Ts are done and will be on the site in the next couple days.
  • You will also being seeing a series of Snoloha SAYINGS as we move forward in a more targeted direction, including “Living on Snoloha Time”, “When Life Gets Hectic” and “Carrying a Vacation Mentality Through Everyday Life”.




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